A good translation has the same effect on the target group as the original. To achieve this, a thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of both cultures and languages are essential.

I offer translations in the following language combinations:
English, French and Spanish into German
German into English

In order to provide translations of the highest quality, I always adhere to the four-eyes principle: all translations are double-checked by a native speaker or another professional translator.

Fields of expertise:

I am always happy to learn something new, so do not hesitate to contact me personally for translations in areas other than the above-mentioned topics. If I can’t help you, I have a wide network of experienced colleagues who will.

General fee per line: EUR 1.70 – EUR 2.20 per standard line*
Prices vary according to the degree of technicality of the text and the terminology used – please contact me for an offer tailored to your needs!

* 1 standard line = 55 keystrokes including whitespaces